For more than 30 years, Educational Vistas has researched, developed and refined a unique set of management systems and services that create a systemic district-wide approach to school improvement. This highly successful, results-based process is proven to enhance student performance while adding an efficiency dividend that is felt throughout the entire educational enterprise.

If you don’t know where you’re going… then any road will take you there. In order to begin the implementation, we must first remotely link to all critical systems throughout the district with our proprietary Data Synchronization Tool. That way we can quickly gather all the data required by our powerful management systems to turn important information into baseline reports and dashboard views to help guide planning and decision-making. Once all areas of challenge are identified, the real work of improvement is ready to begin.

The systemic change-management process starts with the installation of our suite of software programs and educational services. These web-based tools capture all existing district data elements and display them on well-organized, easy-to-understand layouts for teachers and administrators to review. Even students, parents, and community stakeholders can get involved. Timelines are created, short and long-term goals are set, and in-process surveys and evaluations keep the project on-track. We are now prepared to build the efficiency layers for the district.

With all systems in place, we work with key district leadership team members to conquer areas of pain, inefficiency, and redundancy. Imagine… curriculum, assessments, observations, evaluations, RTI, forms, historical data, even school climate and any other surveys… now at your fingertips. On-demand reports and dashboard views drive data-driven decision making. In-process adjustments shape consistent student performance improvement. Time savings and duplication elimination allow staff to further focus on teaching and learning. Even professional development opportunities will now be directed and concentrated in the identified areas of challenge within the schools.

By creating a custom, systemic set of integrated systems and services, you’ve also created a framework for ongoing positive change. You now have a proven and powerful process that continues to build on success and refinement. You’ve insured that incoming staff will have the tools necessary to accomplish their goals available on day one. And the district, its future administrative leaders and the communities it serves, will have everything they need to build upon this foundation of growth and positive change for years to come.

Partner with Educational Vistas and allow us to show you and your team how to get started down this new road to success, with our proven approach for positive change.

How Our Online Assessment Tools Can Help Achieve Your Goals

Comprehensive data management can help school districts achieve their goals by providing a comprehensive suite of software programs and educational services that capture existing district data elements and display them on well-organized, easy-to-understand layouts. This makes it easier for teachers and administrators to review and track relevant information, while also providing data-driven decision-making capabilities that enable more efficient planning and goal-setting.

The assessment software that Educational Vistas Inc offers is an invaluable tool for education, as it allows districts to quickly and accurately collect and analyze data related to student performance, curriculum development, and other areas that affect district goals. This data can then be used to identify challenging areas, then set short and long-term goals to work towards improving metrics across the board. Additionally, assessment software can provide real-time feedback and in-process adjustments that can shape consistent student performance improvement. 

If you want to learn more about the online assessment tools for teachers that our team offers, please feel free to contact our team today!