Curriculum Developer

School Curriculum Developers Serving NYS School Districts

Flexible Templates & Process to Meet All District Needs

A customized platform offering flexible templates and plans that are compatible and aligned with all NYS standards.

Instructional Units

Curriculum Maps & Frames

Pacing Guides

Learning Episodes

Common Core Aligned


Dynamic curriculum hosting platform with complete NYS NextGen and/or Common Core State Standards for all subjects that readily links to teacher-generated curricula and materials. 


Year at glance (YAG), Unit and Daily planning templates can be customized, allowing districts to have consistency and continuity of work. 


Exemplar YAG, Units and Daily lesson plans available for ELA and math for immediate use or customization.


Create formative and summative assessments linked to the standards with robust data analysis tools that generate standards-based re-teaching materials, ensuring all students meet their learning outcomes.

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