The Premier Student Assessment Analysis System

The Premier Student Assessment Analysis System

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Districts can build custom assessments using their own questions, or pulling from over 40,000 questions from five years of NY grades 3-8 and regents tests.


All items are aligned with the NYS NextGen learning standards and can be sorted by text rigor, standards, or even topics for assessment development.


Users can access many detailed reports and data analysis at student, classroom, teacher, building, and district levels with just one click.


Most effective and efficient way to view and use data, including district’s own NYS assessment results, to improve student achievement and instructional alignment.


Upload items, purchase commercial item banks, or simply use EVI’s items to quickly create assessments for use on paper (PBT), computer (CBT) or both.

DataMate™ is a web-based assessment management system. This system provides educators with a comprehensive program for analyzing assessment data to improve instructional alignment and student achievement. It provides teachers and administrators with information on test questions, standards, individual student, cohort, and class level analysis. DataMate™ ensures that assessments, student enrollment, and course/section data are current by linking to any Student Information System (SIS) with our DataSync™ tool.

Free Version: Included with NYS Scoring and Reporting. Has most of the reports that are available within DataMate™ Live. However, since it does not have the Student Management System (SMS) link, the data distribution is based on what was loaded; it cannot re-roster. Data is available by Assessment, Item, Standard/Skill, Cluster, School, and by District.

  • Web based system accessible from any tablet, PC, laptop, or iPad with current browser
  • Program is housed at a secure data center; data is not provided to any third-party entity and compliant with the ‘Parents Bill of Rights’
  • Manages data and analysis for all assessments; Grades 3-8 Standardized State Assessments, Regent exams, district developed or third-party assessments
  • Re-rosters students to the current teacher of record
  • Reports’ drop-down menu offers powerful, informative, and varied views of test data, making analysis easier
  • Data displays by Assessment, Item, Standard/Strand/Cluster, Student, Teacher, Course/Section, School, & District
  • Reports based on extensive teacher and administrator recommendations, as well as best-of-practice
  • Powerful Student Results display on district map using Geocoding and including disaggregation fields
  • Customizable reports developed as required
  • Miscue reports provide analysis of incorrect percentages by item with distractor identification
  • Includes KR20/KR21 report to confirm assessment item validity/reliability
  • Stores Test books, Answer Sheets, Scoring Guides, and other Assessment Materials
  • Data Warehouse reports show State tests with disaggregated data and comparatives against other Districts, RIC, BOCES and more...;
  • Generates Custom Pre-Slugged Answer sheets for all paper-based tests (PBT)
  • Has a full Online Assessment platform that allows students to practice their CBT test taking skills!
  • Divides student scores by performance levels, provides data on students in each level, and includes a digital Student Electronic portfolio
  • Stores data for unlimited years with instant access to historical information
  • Syncs with all Student Information Systems (SIS), and imports all student photos
  • Teacher level reports provide data on student assessment performance by Homeroom, Course, and Section, providing helpful information for professional development
  • Allows districts to securely upload large data files
  • Disaggregated data reporting is provided for multiple student cohorts
  • Links to StaffTrac™ and Curriculum Developer™
  • District maintains ownership of all data; reports export to Excel and PDF files

Elite Version: Has all the abilities of DataMate™ Live plus:

  • Allows the district to create their own Items and Assessments
  • Has a 35,000-item bank of questions, including past 5 years Released NYS ELA, Math, Science, and all Regents Exam Questions. Searchable by Year, Grade, Assessment, Standard, and Keyword
  • Assessments may be given online with toolbars in NEXTERA™ - like emulation mode
  • Answer sheets may be easily uploaded to the server from your copiers (EVI custom settings)
  • May post Student Scores to Gradebook for Student Management Systems with APIs
  • Allows for online scoring of authentic computer-based testing (CBT) items
  • Item Randomization for enhanced security
  • View Student Status on an assessment
  • Assign students to an assessment and creates testing windows/periods
  • Much, Much, More…

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