Multi-Tiered System of Supports Platform

The Integrated Framework for Academic, Behavioral, & Social Emotional Supports

The Integrated Framework for Academic, Behavioral, & Social Emotional Supports

The Educational Vistas, Inc. MTSS-P framework functions as a proactive, preventative, and proscriptive system. By integrating data, instruction, and all aspects of social-emotional learning, outcomes for all students may be improved. This powerful, integrated system identifies and addresses student needs through a multi-tiered comprehensive process.

It is a platform for educators to use data-based decision making for program improvement, instruction and intervention, social, emotional learning, and behavioral support to ensure positive outcomes. Our proven MTSS-P solution is based on four major components: screening, progress monitory, multi-level prevention supported with data-based decision making.

Therefore, schools acquire power enabling them to screen students at any point in the school year to evaluate their level of risk and respond to that data to ensure each student receives an appropriate level of support. Most importantly, support provided with targeted interventionsmay be monitored to determine effectiveness.



1. Screening

Screen all students to determine extent of academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. Confirm students’ risk status with at least two sources of data.

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2. Responding

Initiate instruction through modification to address risk factors to improve academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. Determine appropriate interventions including resource and assessment data for decision making.

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3. Monitoring

Evaluate both instruction and intervention(s) to improve student status. Determine where progress is evident and where additional support may be needed. While monitoring all students on a quarterly basis takes place, those students being served may need more timely monitoring.

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4. Improving

Reflect on progress of all students and adjust for the next screening period. Determine the extent screening and risk verification is accurate and what may be done to improve system effectiveness for the next screening process.

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Educational Vistas solutions and technical support not only meet, but exceed MTSS requirements.

Educational Vistas Multi-Tiered System of Supports Platform

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Multi-Tiered System of Supports Platform

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The Educational Vistas Story

Over 31 years ago we created this business with the goal of bringing the promise of technology to all aspects of education! Our mission statement of “Quality Education is the Salvation of our Nation” guides everything we do.

New software management systems and unique services were desperately needed in schools and we began to design products that would bring efficiency and powerful information to administrators, instructional leaders, teachers, students and parents. These solutions continue to evolve and provide vital features, functions, and benefits to hundreds-of-thousands of users every day.

A Seamless Solution

Our integration to existing district systems provides the data that drives all of our successful implementations. That data is used to provide the information and analysis for true Data-Driven Decision Making! Customizable data dashboard views enable stakeholders ensure progress.

No other EdTech company has as many products and services as EVI. All focused-on suppling schools with the systems and services necessary to improve teaching and learning, student performance, compliance, efficiency, and the entire educational enterprise.

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