In-district Services


DataMate™ is the most effective and efficient way to view assessment data for making informed instructional decisions. Unique capabilities of this program include access to rich, longitudinal student records, electronic portfolios, and online testing, featuring the immediate posting of results to all reports.

Through comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use reports and graphs, program and student strengths and challenges are illustrated in ways that teachers, administrators, students, and parents can use to improve teaching and learning. By linking to any student information system (SIS), DataMate™ is kept up-to-date with all changes in student enrollment, course/section, homeroom, and demographic information and all stakeholders may access results for their students.

Longitudinal analysis is available because all pre-K through 12 assessment data is maintained throughout a student’s academic career. Redisplaying historical data for current teachers, DataMate™ allows teachers and administrators to assess the strengths and challenges of all students on-demand.

Developed by educators, for educators, the look, feel, and flow of this management system “make sense” to staff so that the learning curve is short and the process is natural. DataMate™ also links directly to StaffTrac™, allowing for the easiest way to create SLOs and calculate scores for APPR.


Our keypunch services provide a cost-effective solution for gathering data from hard-to-scan documents. Whether from answer sheets or assessment booklets, we can easily process any test to provide you and your school with the valuable information contained within. Beyond assessments, we also create data files from any physical documents from inventory lists to disciplinary forms to anything that you currently have on paper!

Professional Development

Did you know that EVI is a CTLE provider?

Customize your school and district professional learning needs with Educational Vistas, Inc. 

Our staff has extensive experience in working with districts on planning, developing, and delivering professional development. EVI creates on-site professional learning opportunities based on specific district needs. 

We have worked with districts in the following areas:

  • to customize comprehensive professional development on creating curriculum,
  • to understand scoring processes and state assessments,
  • to develop high quality assessments,
  • to understand early education in a Common Core Environment,
  • to establish safer schools

……and so much more!

Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is complex and time intensive. Let Educational Vistas help your district manage and structure the continual process used at the building level to ensure alignment with state and district curricular goals. Working with teachers, Educational Vistas’ staff will scaffold trainings to ensure that units of instruction are of sufficient rigor and content to meet the challenges of the Common Core Standards. Our curriculum development is both comprehensive and engaging and based on the work of Senior Researcher Dr. Bruce Crowder.

  • Offering districts planning of technology, instructional, program specific and/or assessment projects to save time and align resources for task completion
  • No project is too big or small
  • Complete data, testing and program auditing
  • Scoring review to ensure consistency and reliability of assessments
  • Scanning answer sheets and booklets since 1997
  • Our software and state-of-the-art hardware have allowed us to create our own propriety imaging process
  • Capturing high quality images for both data gathering and reference has made us a leader with educational organizations
  • Cost effective solution for gathering data from hard-to-scan documents
  • Our processes allow any test configuration answer sheets or test book to scanned
  • Other physical documents such as discipline referral forms or even lists of inventory can be organized and uploaded for easy access and management
  • All NYS assessments, regents and local tests can be stored and analyzed in our DataMate platform
  • Whether CBT or paper, data records can be emerged and effectively reviewed and analyzed to improve student learning outcomes
  • Review and audit your data files to ensure that all files are accurate and complete
  • Our scrubbing process flags records that are not complaint with system requirements
  • Concatenate data elements from multiple files to create more complete records eliminating inconsistencies across data banks and systems
  • DataSync Wizard program links to any district data system table enabling data to be formatted for NYS reporting purposes
  • Efficiently produce required reports and use analytic tools for data mining and data driven decision making
  • Link key data and management systems to ensure accurate and efficient files
  • Timed or real-time updating across products allows critical information to be integrated for maximum application

Assessment Development

Creating valid and reliable assessments is complex and time intensive. Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI) works closely with districts to meet their unique assessment needs. EVI provides a customized approach to assessment development. We will assist schools to develop their own assessments or create assessments from the EVI test item bank. Through our comprehensive systems, we are able to support the development, administration, scoring and analysis of all assessment types. In fact, two complete sets of EVI’s “Grade 2-9 ELA & Math Assessments,” and sets of “K-8 Pre and Post Assessments for ELA & Math,” are all featured on the NYSED‘s “Approved List of Assessments to be Used with SLOs,” with a third set in the approval process!

Our assessments are aligned to common core standards and support the reinforcement of skills needed for deeper content and application. All assessments are designed in collaboration with district staff and highly qualified educators at EVI. Items are developed to be valid for the content to be attained and reliable across appropriate student populations. Our pre and post, interim, summative, and benchmark assessments provide needed information on item and whole test rigor, test mapping, and each common core standard to which items are aligned.

EVI’s integrated assessment system provides immediate analysis for instructional interventions. Immediate reports provide item level analysis, class profiles, individual student profiles, and comparisons. Assessment analysis is provided at the student, teacher, school, and district levels. Comparisons to similar or regional districts are also available. The key to today’s complex educational shift is the ability to directly link student and teacher data. Our sophisticated programs not only provide this linkage, but also a student roster for the next year’s teachers, or by specific cohorts of students. 

Let us help your school return valuable instruction time to your teachers. Our comprehensive process will support your teachers to monitor progress with consistency, and have deep analytic reports immediately. Providing high quality assessments to support instruction and student progress is EVI’s number one priority.

Project Planning

Educational Vistas, Inc. offers a unique ability to work with districts in the actual planning of technology, instructional, program-specific, and/or assessment projects. EVI brings over 24 years of experience and expertise to every new undertaking. Our insights invariably speed-up plan development and usually result in cost savings and reductions in the time necessary to complete any given project.

Edvistas stands ready to assist your district today. Please contact us about your specific project needs. No project is too big or too small!


Educational Vistas provides data, testing and program auditing. Our extensive work with districts on large data sets and extracts enables EVI to provide district level audits on data integrity and integration. Scoring audits provide districts with a review of on-site scoring processes to ensure consistency and reliability of assessments. Additionally, program audits in early childhood will assist districts to assess its needs in grades pre-k through grade 3.