Online Testing

Online Testing & Assessment Tools

Here at Educational Vistas Inc., we take pride in offering online testing and assessment tools that are highly student centric to maximize each student’s ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills. Our online assessment tools provide support for easy online test taking. Each online assessment allows students to highlight passages for future reference, delimit question incorrect or distractor choices, return to incomplete questions, and correct errors. 

Our online assessment tools offer the flexibility to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, short answer/essay or matching questions. Each test image is scaled correctly and formatted with precision. EVI’s online assessment tools ensure test security, are saved with duplicate back-up processes, and can customize test proctoring and verification using student school pictures. 

EVI’s integrated assessment system provides immediate display and analysis for immediate instructional interventions. Immediate reports provide item level analysis, class profiles, individual student profiles, and comparisons. Assessment analysis is provided at the student, teacher, school and district levels. Comparisons to similar or regional districts are also available. Our sophisticated programs provide direct student/teacher linkage and further is able to re-roster students for the next year’s teachers or by specific cohorts of students. Connect with us today to learn more about our online assessment tools!