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For students from junior high school to high school and beyond, the truly user-friendly Profile provides a plethora of potent and compelling sociological, historical and pedagogical data, statistical and non-statistical. Instead of merely gathering vital data about a person in bits and pieces, the Profile allows an in-depth analysis of the individual in question so that a multi-faceted profile of self emerges, one which clearly highlights and explains a number of that person’s specific academic, personal strengths/weaknesses, behavior commonalities, belief systems, career potentials, relationship matches, neurodiversity characteristics, and the like. It will help the individual be the best s/he can be intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

The Profile

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The Profile

The Passport

The Passport Profile


Grammar Games

Grammar GamesGrammathletes, get ready to train rigorously! Grammar Games is unlike any other book you have experienced, to date. Yes, grammar is basically a series of rules, but those rules need not seem arbitrary, confusing, or useless. Grammar is a set of rules for the surprisingly winnable “game” of writing. Filled with colorful illustrations and amusing, student-approved sample text, and fun bloopers, Grammar Games clarifies and simplifies grammar in a way you may never have imagined to be possible. You will overcome your writing anxiety as you discover that grammar is the opposite of your worst fears: grammar is simple, sensible, and “doable.” It is a game to be played, won and enjoyed. Laugh as you learn.

Turning Points Challenge

Turning Points

The first-ever writing book to explain and embrace the true depth of the multi-sensory reading-writing connection and to alter the progression through which these particular first- and second-language skills are taught. For years now, schools have inexplicably treated reading and writing as entirely different subjects. The simple truth is multi-sensory reading and writing are profoundly related: you cannot succeed in one without the other. Once you are attuned to that, your comprehension, expressive and testing abilities will flourish in any subject or language and for whatever purpose. With TPC, you will finally have access to the library of writing models the “good writers” you admire keep in mind. More than that, each of these examples includes detailed, step-by-step explanations and instructions, guiding you through the writing process, from the planning stages to the finished product. Also, read charts, graphs and tables easily.

Money Word$

Money Words

This watershed book will finally make vocabulary acquisition fun and genuinely meaningful, so that we do not just remember words for tests and forget most of them within 24 hours or less, which helps neither the student nor the teacher. Rather, we let them steadfastly enrich our lives. While many people have a “functional” knowledge of vocabulary, our goal in Money Word$ is to create a generation of lively philologists—masters of language who fluidly live and breathe words. What follows has been years in the making and represents an immediate, engaging and innovative way to learn, to share and to cherish new vocabulary.


HuMATHities – Books 1A & 1B

HuMATHities – Books 1A & 1B

With the HuMATHities Series, you will finally comprehend, master and remember math fundamentals with ease, depth and clarity, because everything you will learn is related to your real life—for real. You will also hone logical-thinking skills that have historically given “math people” an advantage on all kinds and levels of standardized tests. At last, the “math doors” are about to be kicked open!

HuMATHities – Books 2

HuMATHities – Books 2

This book of the HuMATHities Series contextualizes the standardized math test format. Featuring two SAT-style practice math tests, along with clear, step-by-step explanations, you will finally comprehend, master and remember math fundamentals with ease, depth and clarity. The SAT Math tests consist of three subsections: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math. This book discusses those topics covered on the SAT that were not covered in HuMATHities BOOK 1A.

HuMATHities – Books 3

HuMATHities – Books 3

In this friendly HuMATHities Buddy Book, you will not just learn how standardized test questions are written but also how to write math questions yourself. Once you are familiar with the process of question construction and deconstruction, you can apply this pivotal skill to actual tests, including classroom tests for your peers. Wow! Can you imagine reading a problem and knowing how the question was created? Question construction and deconstruction are both possible and intriguing. You can learn how to master them. These invaluable, real-life skills will enable you to prevail on and actually enjoy taking standardized tests, as well as to succeed on tests that you will be given throughout your respective career(s). It’s a game you will know how to play and win.

HuMATHities – Books 4

HuMATHities – Books 4

An Exciting & Fresh Humanities-Based Approach to Mathematics (HuMATHities) is an organic common-core-aligned project that has had a fifteen-year gestation period. Over its evolution, MAC students (grade 6 - graduate level) have had a direct say in its ongoing development and appearance on virtually every level. We have all happily put the time and effort in to help you to readily play with and enjoy these pivotal math skills. However long it takes you—as a teacher, a tutor, a group or an individual—to move through these lively pages, y o u will have spent those hours well.

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