Complete & Confidential School Climate Evaluation System

Complete & Confidential School Climate Evaluation System


Links to School Data

Powerful & Secure

Instant Reports/Graphs

Easy to Use

What is Survate™?            

Survate™ is a powerful web-based survey program developed for School districts for confidential Surveying of School climate and culture, or APPR. Our objective is to provide a secure platform for school districts to evaluate positive school climate. The use of this survey will establish baseline data to assess the school/district environmental climate. The surveys can be used as the first step in meeting the new DASA requirements. APPR surveys can be used for any APPR related surveys Examples would be Parent Survey of Principal performance, or Student Survey of Teacher Performance as part of the districts APPR plan.

Why is Survate™ Better?            

Survate is better because of its secure interface. Your confidential data remains yours.

Your survey results are not on the cloud for anyone to access. You can put specific links to different surveys on profiles within the district for Students, Teachers or principals to access. Since Educational Vistas is the developer of StaffTrac™, and additional enhancements ideas are always welcome.

  • Secure creation of District Surveys
  • Surveys available may be customized
  • Your District Surveys may be loaded into Survate™
  • Character Ed Surveys developed in partnership with The Academy for Character Education at The Sage Colleges
  • Instant Access to Survey Results
  • Results show comparatives of School and District
  • Ability to run period surveys to measure changes
  • Mix Horizontal and Vertical
  • Supports Likert Scales as well as multiple scale types:
  • Supports Question Comments
    • True/False Numbers
    • Strongly Agree <--> Strongly Disagree
    • Poor, Average, Good, Very Good
  • Reports generate in PDF, with Graphs
  • Excel exports of data are available for additional evaluation
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Program provides web-link to put on a any website or email
  • Program shows district logo
  • May run period surveys to measure changes

Educational Vistas works with hundreds of School Districts.

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Feature Sheet
Student Survey of Teacher Performance Sheet
Teacher Survey of Principal Performance Sheet

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