Assessment Development

Custom Student Assessment Programs
for NYS School Districts

Creating valid and reliable assessments is complex and time intensive. Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI) works closely with districts to meet their unique assessment needs. EVI provides a customized approach to assessment development. We will assist schools to develop their own assessments or create assessments from the EVI test item bank. Through our comprehensive systems, we are able to support the development, administration, scoring and analysis of all assessment types. In fact, two complete sets of EVI’s “Grade 2-9 ELA & Math Assessments,” and sets of “K-8 Pre and Post Assessments for ELA & Math,” are all featured on the NYSED‘s “Approved List of Assessments to be Used with SLOs,” with a third set in the approval process!

Our student assessment programs are aligned to common core standards and support the reinforcement of skills needed for deeper content and application. All student assessment programs are designed in collaboration with district staff and highly qualified educators at EVI. Items are developed to be valid for the content to be attained and reliable across appropriate student populations. Our pre and post, interim, summative, and benchmark assessments provide needed information on item and whole test rigor, test mapping, and each common core standard to which items are aligned.

EVI’s integrated assessment system provides immediate analysis for instructional interventions. Immediate reports provide item level analysis, class profiles, individual student profiles, and comparisons. Assessment analysis is provided at the student, teacher, school, and district levels. Comparisons to similar or regional districts are also available. The key to today’s complex educational shift is the ability to directly link student and teacher data. Our sophisticated student assessment programs not only provide this linkage, but also a student roster for the next year’s teachers, or by specific cohorts of students.

Let us help your school return valuable instruction time to your teachers. Our comprehensive process will support your teachers to monitor progress with consistency, and have deep analytic reports immediately. Providing high-quality online assessment tools for teachers to support instruction and student progress is EVI’s number one priority. To learn more about the benefits of our academic intervention tools or to request a product demonstration, please feel free to contact us today!