Our Mission

Educational Vistas

Our Mission

Educational Vistas is a privately held corporation operating in the for-profit K-12 education industry providing assessment services, data analysis, and software products to educational agencies (Schools, Districts, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), Regional Information Centers (RIC) etc.) with the intent of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Our Strategic Vision

Is to position ourselves to all educational agencies in the K-12 NYS industry as the BEST-COST provider with the purpose of enriching the school environment through efficiencies and cost reduction and assisting in the building of brighter futures for the children of today and tomorrow. Only through consistent growth and ambitious goals can we truly make a positive impact in our community, and only through creativity and teamwork can this growth and these goals be attained.

Our Core Values


Encouraging individuality and social emotional learning.


Supporting local businesses and enriching our social environment.


Focusing on the student since education is the foundation for individual growth.


Emphasizing the importance of openness, teamwork, and family-mentality.

Lifelong Learning

Reinforcing the importance of continually growing as an individual, regardless of age or role, and constantly striving toward enhancing knowledge and mastery.


Radiating both knowledge and care always.