Teacher/Principal Evaluations Made Easy!

Teacher/Principal Evaluations Made Easy!

StaffTrac: Observation, Evaluation & Reporting

State Reporting

Comparative Reporting

Observation Scoring

SLO Development

APPR Management


All rubrics and observation components of any evaluation may be tailored to mirror your school or district’s process.


Allows for observers to add comments/evidence in actual domain areas and automatically converts ratings/scores as per district specifications.


Provides a process for developing and tracking Student Learning Objective (SLOs) for growth or achievement.


Powerful scheduling component for managing and tracking all meetings, while HR component allows for immediate access to teacher data.


Professional Development module tracks TIPs, PD hours, and professional learning opportunities.

The Top Principal and Teacher Evaluation Software

What is StaffTrac™?            

StaffTrac™ is a comprehensive web-based teacher-principal evaluation management system. States and school districts are able to customize their full evaluation processes to individualized procedures. All rubrics and multiple components of any evaluation may be tailored to mirror your school's process.

StaffTrac™ provides a fully electronic process for conducting observations. Administrators add evidence and comments in the actual domain areas. Ratings and scores are automatically incorporated according to district specifications. Staffrac™ provides a process for developing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs). All sections of the SLOs are developed electronically and targets are scored using growth and achievement measures. Targets are converted to effectiveness ratings, based upon state/district conversion scales and StaffTrac™ includes tools for adjusting and predicting targets for SLOs. Student assessments scores are linked directly to teachers' rosters using a fully integrated process with all student information systems. All data is maintained over multiple years for easy access, comparison, and statistical analysis.

Our program easily manages scheduling hundreds of evaluation meeting and archives all dates and times for convenient retrieval. All other components of teacher/principal evaluations such as portfolios, student/staff surveys, and artifacts are integrated and customized. In addition to the above features, it includes a scheduling system for managing and tracking all meetings, a human resource module for immediate access to teacher data, and a professional learning module for handling improvement plans, tracking professional development hours, and managing all professional learning opportunities.

Why is StaffTrac™ Better?

StaffTrac™ works with you to customize and integrate every aspect of a teacher/principal evaluation process. Why struggle with isolated and disconnected programs?

This tool was designed with the input of educators frustrated by implementation challenges. The program manages all aspects of a professional evaluation process - not one component or an add-on to an existing program. Principals and administrators have been struggling with isolated programs, information in hundreds of fields, and attempting to manage several calendar and email systems. StaffTrac™ provides a way to manage hundreds of meetings, conduct classroom observations on any tablet, computer or, mobile device running Android or Apple OS. While observing, add evidence and recommendations into a rubric configured to your preferences. Because StaffTrac™ links to all student information systems, evaluators can access staff and student information easily, and examine lesson plans and pre and post assessments results.

Let StaffTrac™ help you turn isolated data into rich information for analysis and progress monitoring. Because StaffTrac™ archives multiple years of data, trend data and yearly comparisons are available. Administrators have been frustrated with massive amounts of excellent, but inaccessible data. StaffTrac™ has developed many reports, with high quality graphics, for administrators, boards of education and teachers for understanding trends in teacher quality and student improvement. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of our principal and teacher evaluation software or to schedule a demo, we welcome you to contact us today!

  • Manages all aspects of teacher/principal evaluation processes.
  • Program based on user rights to ensure a balance and confidential process.
  • In-house programmers configure StaffTrac™ to individual State and districts processes.
  • Calendar function for organizing and tracking all evaluation related meetings.
  • Observations are configured according to user preferences.
  • Multiple levels of functionality - evaluators may type in evidence by domain or unlimited textboxes.
  • Artifacts, lesson plans, and videos are uploaded and maintained with specific observations.
  • Moves large amounts of text to appropriate domains or elements without cutting and pasting.
  • Observations may be scored automatically and configured to meet any State reporting requirements.
  • Develop and score targets set in Student Learning Objectives. 
  • Develops and calculates both individual teacher and group SLOs.
  • Calculates pre- and post-assessment scores for goal/target determinations.
  • Archives all data over multiple years.
  • Fully functional analytics for statistical correlation and progress monitoring.
  • Fulsome Staff Information system for easy access to pertinent staff information (tenure dates, lengths of service, certifications, work history).
  • Complete Professional Development Module for developing offerings, organizing registrations and tracking hours.
  • Comprehensive reports with high quality graphics for summary and instructional improvement.

Educational Vistas is committed to ensuring that the set up and implementation of StaffTrac™ is very low impact. We have developed unique sync and form building tools that will assist us in connecting to your data-regardless of the data source. So first:

Contact Bill Bouchard  for a WebEx or in-district product demonstration to explore the comprehensiveness of StaffTrac™ and discuss  no impact implementation

Examples of what Educational Vistas will need to configure your system:

  • Observation tool/rubric used
  • Other components to be included in the Teacher/Principal Evaluation (Portfolios, Growth or Value Added Measures (VAMs), surveys…)
  • List of data sources for teachers and students
  • Scoring/Rating scales
  • Other required forms used by the district or schools

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