Report (+)

Easily Create and Manage Any Document, Form, or Report

Easily Create and Manage Any Document, Form, or Report

The Automated Way to Save Time & Money

Report (+) is a revolutionary communication tool that can transform the way you produce student reports, streamlining your entire process to be easier, faster, and more efficient.

Check out these great advantages:

The built-in calendar option allows administrators to set a reporting schedule at the beginning of the year and the Report (+) software does the rest, sending out specifically appointed reports to all current recipients at the time dictated by the schedule.

There’s no longer any need to take up space on your hard drive to store old reports. Report (+) automatically does that for you. Our industry-leading software provides a virtual “cabinet” that will store any report created while providing easy access to parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators.

Effective communication between the teacher and the student’s guardian can have a huge impact on overall student progress. Report (+) gives teachers the ability to communicate reports and updates to guardians, even if their primary language is not English. Our multi-language function allows any document created with the software to be translated into the student’s “home language” as identified in your SMS database.

Report (+) can automatically post any created report directly to EVI’s Portfolio (+) student document management tool. This allows guardians hands-on access to view or save any documents.

Report (+) can provide an electronic alternative in many areas that once required printing on physical paper. From generating online reports to creating custom emails, Report (+) saves time and money while reducing environmental impact.

When you use Report (+) to send reports you can control the messaging. Our tech team will work with you to customize all documents to reflect your school’s unique tone and voice. If there is any additional information you’d like to add to a specific report, the software allows a free-text option where general text can be inserted.

For districts that require traditional printing for their reports, Report (+) offers the direct printing of documents as well as an option to outsource print and mail services to Educational Vistas.

Educational Vistas takes the responsibility for the security and integrity of school district information to be the most important part of our service. Our software conforms to all industry standards nationally, at the state level and locally at the district level. Upon request, we are happy to further discuss this area in detail.

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The support and customer service provided by the EVI team is always courteous, timely, and responsive. They have worked diligently to develop a product that is customizable and meets the needs of our school district as well as many others across the region.

Michelle Downing
Director of Data, Greater Amsterdam SD

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