Nothing makes us happier than knowing our products and services are making an impact and helping educators focus on what’s important.

Bill Bouchard is incredible to work with. All staff at Ed Vistas have been wonderful, you will be happy with them. Glad I met The Crowders and Bill.

Kimberly Hromada
Superintendent at ECS

Every school in America needs this software! Pros: This is as efficient as it gets, everything is in one nice and easy to access portal that makes tracking everything so simple and easy! …This has proven to be such a useful tool for us.

Rick Cappiello
Technical Assistant at Nassau Community College

I truly believe this is the only way to go! As a seasoned educator, with a long history as an administrator, scorer, and teacher, I have had experience with Educational Vistas from several points of view.

In my most recent role as MS/HS Principal, I used EVI for scoring our ELA, Mathematics, and Science assessments. The advantages were profound. EVI picked up all our assessment materials at school, and delivered them as they had been scored. This was done cleanly, painlessly, and on time.

Under these conditions, I was able to escape the cumbersome and disruptive process of having my teachers leave their classrooms to go to regional BOCES scoring sites, prepare lessons for substitute teachers, and capture the residual classroom results when they returned. My students were spared the disruption of having a parade of substitute teachers/strangers teaching them in their classes. Further, my ‘Substitute Caller” escaped the stressful nightmare of running out of “Subs”, and I was spared the burden of covering classes when a shortage of “Subs” made my job ridiculous.

The costs associated with EVI’s service compared very favorably to the usual financial burdens incurred by my district: salaries of substitute teachers, and travel expenses of our faculty attending BOCES scoring sites.

Further, the respectful climate the EVI management brings to the scoring experiences is exceptional. All scorers are treated with admiration and gratitude for their service. Their questions are addressed, and helpful consultations are a constant part of the process. The work environment is superior.

I would not hesitate to suggest that any school district use this service to manage assessment issues. I truly believe this is the only way to go!

Dr. Adeline Basil
EVI Scorer / Interim Principal for Hunter-Tannersville MS

School Leaders Love DataMate™. I have worked with Datamate™ since the introduction of APPR and have been grateful to have an automated system and the human support to help make an overwhelming mandate more organized, clear and automated. The live support I’ve gotten and continue to get over the years is invaluable- representatives are highly responsive to every need, any time and go above and beyond to help save us time so that we can do the important work of teaching and working directly with parents, teachers and students to enhance and advance teaching and learning!

Juliet L. Gevargis
Assistant Principal at Tappan Zee High School

When it comes to understanding best and current practices, EVI has done its homework. I have worked with Educational Vistas for many years and have found their staff to be well informed of best and current practices. In addition, Educational Vistas software helps school districts operationalize current mandates facilitating our ability to implement evolving APPR Regulations to include data analysis and the observation process. What is more, Educational Vistas synthesizes customer feedback and uses the information to improve their software programs.

Kathleen Affigne, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, & Pupil Personnel Services at Millbook Central School Disctrict

All of our customers are partners in our mission. The Greater Amsterdam School District has been doing business with Educational Vistas for the last 7 years. In that time, we have worked hand in hand with the EV staff to develop solid systems for evaluation, assessments and data driven instruction. The support and customer service provided by the EVI team is always courteous, timely and responsive. They have worked diligently to develop a product that is customizable and meets the needs of our school district as well as many others across the region.

Michelle Downing
Director of Data/Personnel at Greater Amsterdam School District

This program is a central component of our data gathering and sharing process to track and verify instructional improvement goals. All participating teachers and administrators access the many forms that are required easily from their computer or mobile device. Back-end reporting and growth, gap, and trend analysis could not be simpler.

Requested Anonymity
A Multi-District Project Manager and Facilitator

The use of this single, integrated management system has saved the districts time and money while improving the effectiveness of our AIS/RtI program. Identification, enrollment, notes, progress, and reporting are so easy to access for all team members. We just love it!

Requested Anonymity
Small-City Assistant Superintendent

DRP allowed us to determine a student’s reading performance growth longitudinally, which has proved to be an invaluable asset for improving student performance

Requested Anonymity

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