School Climate & Character Education

School Culture Transformation and Character Education Development
in NY, NJ, and PA

Character MattersYes, Character Matters.    

Educational Vistas Inc. is partnering with ASCENT (the Alliance of Schools of Character Enrichment, Networking, and Transformation) to conduct a tri-state (NY, NJ, PA) project designed to affect school transformation through character education. 

NJ Project Manager Eileen Dachnowicz says, “As National Schools of Character evaluators, we saw that some schools servicing vulnerable populations were obviously doing something right – kids were happily engaged, teachers loved their students, scores were improving, and school was a safe haven. How did they do it? This is what we want to replicate.” 

For more information about the Schools of Character program, please contact Dr. Philip Fusco, NY coordinator, at or 518.951.0751.

Dr. Fusco facilitates the NYS School of Character mentor program in conjunction with The Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges and in Washington, DC.

Through the creation of EXC21.ORG, he has enhanced his work with schools to build pathways to achieving excellence within character development. 

By incorporating core character beliefs as the foundation for their program into strategic planning, school districts pave their path to a culture of excellence. 


Contact Dr. Philip Fusco Here

Ralph Singh, author, storyteller, community builder, is founder and chair of the Wisdom Thinkers, currently consults to develop curricula and resources in poor rural, poor urban, and everywhere in between, to help create a school climate which nurtures character, honors diversity, and deters bullying. 

Ralph is a veteran of character education and has spent his life promoting spirituality and values in education and public life. Over 20 years ago, he was part of the CNY Education Consortium’s taskforce on Values in Public Education where he helped develop and name their Schools of Character project which was administered throughout the state by Syracuse University. 

Ralph Singh’s award-winning Stories to Light our Way, Journey to the World of Good, multicultural wisdom stories, with common core aligned lesson plans, Pre-K through 8, is simply implemented by teachers and internalized by students and have proven especially effective in reaching special needs and nonverbal students, the hard to teach, and others who tend to slip through the cracks. 

To create a school climate that honors diversity, nurtures character, and discourages bullying, Ralph Singh’s stories will seamlessly embed character education into your CCS ELA program with cross-curriculum reference to math, science, and social studies for all grade levels. 

The approach brings an understanding of shared values into schools and community, and excellent for parent engagement. Together with his middle and high school inquiry model service learning game, “Change the Story, a game to Alter Reality,” endorsed by Harvard’s Dr. Richard Weissbourd and Dr. David Streight, and their turnkey oral history project help foster more compassionate, engaged, pluralistic citizens and lead to a more dedicated, ethical workforce.

Request a school presentation or WebEx to hear powerful stories from diverse cultures within Stories to Light Our Way.