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About Educational Vistas

Educational Vistas, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a New York State corporation. Our original mission statement of “Quality education is the salvation of our nation” has guided us from the beginning. We began by trade marking Dr. Bruce H. Crowder’s Results-Based Education Model (R-BEM), and using that proven approach to design curriculum templates and processes that flowed in a logical manner that demystified the creation of an integrated single district curriculum. Our unique design-down and deliver up model starts with the attributes of the graduate and end at Pre-K. This seamless content is then delivered grade by grade to attain the exit outcomes. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there!

We then developed the training materials and facilitation guides for districts to implement. Our first computerized, multi-user software solution was launched in 1995. This concept of bringing the efficiencies of computers and powerful software management systems to public education was very new at the time. We began to create concepts for additional programs that would support and inform other aspects of school district needs. The principle of integrating curriculum, instruction, and assessment was born.

Our assessment management system DataMateTM was next. A single software solution to house all high-stakes test data for all members of the staff who need it for data-driven decision making and student performance improvement. By adding an item/assessment bank, assessment creation with online and paper test scheduling and administration, a complete district production has emerged.

We have taken our proprietary software development process and used it to create the vast array of management systems and software services you see today. Our DataSyncTM tool allows us to link to other critical data systems add additional elements to any product we provide. Districts, schools, and businesses rely on our 31 years track record of proven success to solve their increasingly complex problems and challenges. We have the experience and expertise to tackle any project and do it on time and within budget. With over 16 different products and a myriad of services, no other single EdTech provider offers as many integrated software products and services as Educational Vistas.