Dr. Mac

Doctor Jean D’Arcy Maculaitis is recognized as one of the leading test architects/writers in the world. With over 35 years’ experience, she holds a self-designed doctorate in the measurement and evaluation of the English language and psycholinguistics, and is industry-certified in both neurolinguistics and clinical hypnotherapy.

Dr. Mac is an international lecturer, education-testing expert, legal consultant and featured academic writer, as well as a professional guidance/career counselor and researcher. As President of MAC Testing & Consulting, she has dedicated her life to the education and preparation of diverse students, empowering them for both personal and career success. Her New Jersey Assessment (NJA/MAC I) and The Maculaitis Assessment of Competencies: Comprehensive English Language Evaluation (The MAC II) series of test batteries for non-native speakers of English in grades K-12, are used throughout the world to measure levels of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In addition to her many honors, industry associations and breakthrough accomplishments, Dr. Mac has been working for over two decades on a neurodiverse, multi-sensory program encompassing three levels of pivotal evaluative tools for native and non-native learners; middle school through graduate school: The Profile. It was first introduced and field tested in 2004, and now the latest state-of-the-art complete online edition, Tweens, Teens & Young Adults, is available from Educational Vistas.

While all the accolades Dr. Mac has received over the years are notable, her most prized achievement is the myriad of young people whose lives have been positively and powerfully transformed by their experience at MAC Testing. Through her classes, published works, engaging speeches and encouraging words, hope is restored, self-confidence renewed, skills enhanced and futures redefined. To her, everything else pales in comparison. Dr. Maculaitis’ life is totally and unabashedly dedicated to better learning for students – all students.