Thirty years ago, a company was founded on a promise to bring the power of technology to teachers, schools and the entire academic community. Educational Vistas was born.

We started by evaluating the needs of educators, students, parents, and the overall business of the District. Where were the pain points? What were the major areas of challenge?

Based on those discoveries, we formed a plan, and development began on a series of distributed solutions that would come to be known for their high levels of efficiency and informative report capabilities.

From curriculum to assessment and building forms, surveys to report cards, even staff observations and evaluations, Educational Vistas emerged with a powerful suite of products and services that thousands of schools utilize today.

Our management platforms are built to seamlessly integrate, connecting with any Student Management System to remain current and accurate. Necessary data is pulled from any required application and merged, bringing informative insights to all stakeholders on demand. With one deliverable…

The power of Data-Driven Decision Making.

The information is always held secure, shared only with authorized personal as identified by existing school privacy protocols. It is transformed into unlimited reports and dashboard views to help drive educational progress and student achievement.

Educational Vistas, your partner with three decades of proven success partnering with educators in their ongoing mission to improve student performance and create life opportunities through better learning.