Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support



COVID-19 Virtual Instructional Support Kits

We have brought together some of our most popular software solutions to help your district in several areas of challenge:

  • Communication
  • Real-time Surveys
  • Custom/Secure E-Forms
  • Information and Data Collection
  • Easy Routing of all Meal Deliveries
  • Instruction Recording and Reporting
  • Custom, Web-Based Assessments

For over 28 years we have been proud to serve as an independent NYS-based education software and services company for over 500 districts. We stand ready, willing, and able to bring the power and efficiencies of our programs to your schools and community.

All programs are:

  • Low or No Cost
  • Proven and Customizable
  • Easily Linked to any SMS/SIS
  • Zero-Impact Implementation Set-up

Additional Benefits:

  1. District-wide communications with staff, students, parents, and community.
  2. Group and Individual Rights are maintained across applications.
  3. Remote record-keeping of instruction by student/course/section.
  4. Assessment platform contains:
  • 17,000 pre-made assessments
  • The ability to create your own tests
  • 46,000 items coded to Next Generation Standards
  1. Routing of all meal deliveries through free and reduced lunch status or other criteria.
  2. Unlimited online surveys with immediate, on-demand report access. All surveys are token-capable and can combine data from any district system.


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