The School Principal – An EdVistas Prescription Guide for a Healthy Multi-Tiered Support System  

MTSS functions as a framework to help educators identify students with various needs and provide academic and behavioral strategies to address the needs. It is an outgrowth of Response to Intervention (RtI) and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). The key to its effectiveness is its systemic and integrated operation of solutions to support its overall purpose. The framework provides immediate and real-time access to student data and information.

EdVistas MTSS Critical Elements

MTSS Elements

  • Screening
  • Data and Information
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Prevention and Improvement Strategies
  • Decision-Making
  • Continuous Feedback & Intervention

EdVistas MTSS Support Solutions

  • DataMate Assessment & Reporting System
  • Curriculum Developer (CD)
  • Academic Intervention Management System
  • StaffTrac
  • Social Emotional Learning System™
  • SafeSchools

MTSS Service Structure

  • Tier I: Screening and Service for All Students
  • Tier II: Small Group Screening and Service
  • Tier III: Individual Student Screening and Service

Components for Implementation

  • Establish MTSS Team(s)
  • Goal Setting
  • Access to Student Data and Information
  • Data-Based Decision Making
  • Match Instructional Intervention Strategies to Supports

Overall Benefits of EdVistas MTSS

The value of the EdVistas MTSS approach is the fact that all of its education solutions for student improvement are systemic and integrated. It is a one-stop system that holds the process together for a smooth, uninhibited shift from data to supports. In addition, EdVistas has a Climate Survey and Forms solutions to access additional data and information from students, parents, staff, and community.

The EdVistas MTSS framework has the power not only to address academic and behavioral needs of students, but also provide insight and verification of the effectiveness of district and/or school programs. Of particular importance is the effectiveness of instructional practices and the curriculum.


Dr. Bruce H. Crowder is a senior researcher for Educational Vistas, Inc. His work is primarily focused on creating pathways for deeper learning for all students through student performance and a dynamic curriculum replete with strategic teaching. Dr. Crowder may be reached at