The Solution to Improving Reading Performance

ELA, DRP and DataMate – The Solution to Improving Reading Performance

NYS ELA Assessments

ELA assessments establish credible measures of a student’s English Language Arts skills and knowledge, a solid baseline of reading performance and proficiency aligned with NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.

Degrees of READING Power® (DRP)

DRP accurately determines and assesses your student’s overall ability to comprehend and appropriately respond to textual information. By merging DRP reading levels with State ELA performance, educators have the critical information they need to tailor individual improvement plans, interventions, and strategies to monitor and support each student’s ongoing reading success throughout the year. Learn More >


As the premiere student assessment analysis system, DataMate™ is an essential component in our unique solution to improve reading performance. It not only houses ELA and DRP assessment scores conveniently in one place, but offers easy access to powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities. And along with DataMate’s standard features, teachers can create individualized, custom assessments (online or paper) via a 60,000+ item bank or by uploading their own questions. All the tools they need are available in DataMate. Learn More >