Janis Bianco

Communications Co-Manager, Kingston

Janis was born and raised on Staten Island, NY.  She is a graduate of the Berkeley Business School in New York City and worked in a law firm for a few years (also as a para-legal) before moving to the town of Hurley in Ulster County. She worked for the Rondout Valley Central School District for over 30 years as a secretary/Admin Assistant in the Main Office Principal’s Office.

Upon the retirement of one of the principals for whom Janis worked, Dr. Crowder was informed of Janis’ experience in organizing testing materials for staff and students. After retiring in June of 2012, Janis started working for EVI during scoring season, and she has been part of the Kingston team ever since.  Janis is exemplary at picking up and organizing tests, as well as training clerks on the importance of getting all tests counted in, labeled, and returning all materials back to their correct districts. We get high praises from teacher scorers who say that our site is very well organized and that they are happy to return each year to score for EVI. Janis very much enjoys working with the different school district Administrators who are comfortable calling with questions regarding their districts.

Janis is a two time ovarian cancer survivor who is a member of a support group that has many wonderful women that have gone through the same experience of the challenge of survivorship. She loves rooting for the New York Yankees and watching golf with her husband Paul, who works alongside her at EVI. Janis continues to substitute in the offices at Rondout Valley School District Janis enjoys watching her grandchildren when needed, and traveling to California every other year so Paul can get golfing in and she has the luxury of sitting by the pool area reading a good novel.