Academic and Social Emotional Blossom with Wisdom Stories

In the not-too-distant past, I ran two conferences to enlighten and provide educators with support for the implementation of SEL with the academic. From those experiences the one need that was apparent was for educators to find ways to genuinely integrate SEL with academic growth. I found a pathway with the power to meet this need, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels.

Awareness of the work of Ralph Singh’s Stories to Light Our Way is a gift to curriculum workers in not only meeting State mandates, but also contributing to the intellectual and social emotional growth of our students. Opportunities to work with Ralph reflect his dedication to humanity and the goodness that it has to offer. Ralph is chair of the Wisdom Thinkers Network and is an author, educator, storyteller, speaker, and community builder. His stories work as instructional units which integrate the academic with the social emotional, while addressing anchor standards, resulting in a perfect Academic/Social Emotional Learning (ASEL) experiences for students.

To serve educators in their quest to move curriculum into the ASEL realm, Ralph has the professional learning and the textual/material base to make the transition easy and rewarding. His stories connect to students with a voice that nurtures positive behavior and habits while exposing them to skills such as compassion, self-control, empathy, and sharing. Stories with planned activities provide teachable moments to bring calm or impart an ethical/moral lesson. In addition, stories may be used to build class community to maintain a respectful learning environment and a school culture of respect.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge for educators is access to the right content to implement ASEL; Ralph Singh has done it for them. I have read the stories, and at my tender age (a little humor) I have experienced the effect the stories can have on ones thinking and behavior. Check it out.


Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Stories to Light Our Way 2.0. “Stories have the power to change the world.” Ralph Singh.

Dr. Bruce H. Crowder is a senior researcher for Educational Vistas, Inc. His work is primarily focused on creating pathways for deeper learning for all students through student performance and a dynamic curriculum replete with strategic teaching. Dr. Crowder may be reached at