What is EduForm™?            

EduForm is the most sophisticated product for the development and use of on-line forms linked to any Student Information System (SIS) or business database. Customizable approval path settings allow administrators and managers to duplicate any paper process within the flow of forms throughout the system. Standardized user account roles and access permissions link to all other EVI products for single sign-in movement between solutions.

Why is EduForm™ Better?            

By displaying data from other district systems within online forms, EduFormTM adds a powerful dimension to web-based forms and documents. The ability to manage user groups with different right and permissions as well as setting up unlimited approval paths gives administrators the flexibility to use forms in new and exciting ways.

The fact that the information contained in the forms may be automatically displayed in other Educational Vistas, Inc. products for further use is another benefit of this unique product. Finally, the data may also be shared with additional required district data systems.

  • Any existing paper form may be converted into an on-line, web-based form.
  • Existing forms may be used as background image for exact reproduction.
  • Existing forms may be converted to a web page for more versatility.
  • Fields may auto-populate from other district data systems.
  • Student demographic and program data may be selected/displayed within a form.
  • Unique approval path process that may be customized for each form.
  • Secure login with versatile user account permissions and settings.
  • Users may be linked to specific courses, sections and home rooms.
  • Powerful report generator with charts, graphs, and data-on-demand.
  • Easily links to any Student Information System (SIS).
  • Links directly to AIMS™, DataMate™, StaffTrac™, and Curriculum Developer™ (CD).
  • May also be linked to additional program data systems.
  • Web-based with SSL security and HIPAA compliance.
  • MS Windows and Apple OS compatible.
  • All information is housed for 26 years.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest return on investment (ROI) available.
  • Configured and up-and-running in five (5) days or less…guaranteed!

Call for a free, no-obligation demonstration today! We may provide a WebEx meeting format or come to your district or school to present in-person. The demo takes between 60 and 90 minutes with plenty of time for Q and A. Also a price quote and implementation process guide may be requested.

Once you and your staff see the power and efficiency of the product you may require a proposal. If a purchase order is then generated, configuration and setup will begin. Our technology specialist(s) will contact your SIS administrator and confirm a date and time to remotely install our DataSync Wizard. This program links either directly to your data tables or to nightly exported tables/files from the SIS.

For More Info, Contact:
Scott B. Crowder
Chief Executive Officer