NYS Assessment Scoring

NYS Assessment Scoring

EVI has scored NYS assessments and reported results since 2001 and the start of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation. During this period, it has markedly expanded its scorer base, experience, and expertise. Today, there are hundreds of certified teachers working for EVI who provide this service. It is interesting to note that their mean educational experience is greater than 20 years, and the aggregated experience exceeds half a century. Also, EVI scorers have unique experiences beyond that of the classroom which includes administrators, college professors, and authors. All of the scorers, of course, meet NYS criteria for the purpose of assisting schools in the scoring of mandated assessments. 


Please take a look at the following benefits of using EVI for your NYS assessment scoring:

Time, Cost, and Equity

With the advent of testing in grades 3 through 8 in English language arts and mathematics, grades 4 and 8 in science, and grades 5 and 8 in social studies, a tremendous amount of instructional time is lost, not to mention the costs for substitute teachers. Therefore, the EVI scoring option makes sense when it preserves learning and reduces spending. Also, the leaders in many charter schools have come to the conclusion that having the scoring completed by impartial third party with no prior expectations reinforces the concern for equity. The need for schools to feel that they are being treated in a fair and honest manner is absolutely essential. And, this concern for fairness resides at the heart of EVI’s practices.

Intervention, Curriculum Refinement, and Staff Development

Aside from scoring the assessments, EVI provides an array of reports that inform the decision-making process as it impacts staffing and resource distribution. These reports influence both curriculum development and refinement. The data may also help focus staff development needs in a grade, school, or district. EVI is always willing to provide schools with unique reports that place valuable student performance data into the hands of all those who have a stake in the continuous growth of student academic performance. Such report data may follow the student throughout his or her academic career.

Curriculum Alignment and Accountability

The reports provide a link to the NYS learning standards and related Performance Indicators (PIs) through the coding of each test item within the summary reports for each subject and grade tested. This report feature supports the challenge of curriculum alignment. If school districts are to improve student performance continuously, they need to have access to timely data. The EVI report formats are easy to read and apply the information gleaned for improved performance. Our timely reports, accessible within weeks, not months, serve to bring about targeted intervention and continuous improvement.

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