Published Articles

Published Articles

Educational Vistas, Inc. publishes a wide range of professional articles. Our publications are included in a variety of sources including SAANYS, other professional associations, and our website. 

Publications include:


Transforming the Lives of Students with a 3D Interactive MultiSensory Technology - a New Approach! by Scott Crowder

“Time to Adopt an Integrated VADIR/DASA/Discipline Management System!" by Scott Crowder

"2017 CBT – Reflections from the Field” by Scott B. Crowder

“3-11 ELA Performance Arc” by Dr. Bruce H. Crowder

“School Climate, Disciplinary Incidents, and the Link to Chronic Absenteeism" by Scott Crowder

“The Assessment Transition from Paper to CBT 2020” by Scott B. Crowder

“The Changing World of VADIR, DASA & Discipline” by Scott B. Crowder

 "Partners Not Vendors," by Scott B. Crowder

  "APPR - Take Two," by Cindy Gallagher

  "For What Purpose is a Moratorium?" by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "Dimensions of an Educational Data Assessment and Management System," by Scott Crowder

 "From Common Core to Common Learning," by Cindy Gallagher

 "APPR As We Knew It," by Cindy Gallagher

 "APPR: What Can be Learned from Other States?" by Cindy Gallagher

 "SLO to Realize," by Cindy Gallagher

 "It's Time to Take Discipline Reporting Seriously…NOW!" by Scott Crowder

 "Embracing 2014 NYS Released Test Items," by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "You Can't Change the Results Without Changing the Cause: Shifting Education Paradigms," 
by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "Botched: Righting the Wrongness in NYS Education Opinion," by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "Building a School Culture of Performance," by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "Integration, Data-Driven Decisions, and Where to Begin: From Zero to Hero," by Scott Crowder

 "NYS 2014 Released Test Items: Informing Common Core Implementation," 
by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "The Next Student Information System: Bringing it all Together," by Scott Crowder

 "Data Organization and Analytics Within a Systemic Approach: From a Historical Perspective," 
by Scott Crowder

 "Relating Common Core Testing to New Curriculum," by Scott Crowder

 "Systematic Management of APPR: A Vital Step," by Scott Crowder

 "Common Core Standards, APPR, and Assessments on Early Childhood Education," 
by Cindy Gallagher

 "APPR: From Survival to Sustainability," by Dr. Bruce Crowder

 "DASA, VADIR, Discipline, & PBIS," by Scott Crowder

 "Common Core Implementation: Initial Phase," by Scott Crowder

 "Managing the Reform: Racing to the Top," by Dr. Bruce Crowder