What is EduTube™?            

The newest, most versatile program to upload, store, and access district, school, or other valuable video events. Whether for APPR, Instruction, Professional Learning, Portfolio, or even School Safety and Security, EduTube™ allows administrators the ability to decide which users and groups may access and/or share videos. Supportive materials and documents may also be attached to each video for reference or scoring.

Why is EduTube™ Better?            

This is an education-specific and district-specific secure video upload and access site that allows schools to keep all video events in a single location. The compression algorism automatically resizes videos on upload. All types of videos such as security, teacher observation, discipline, presentation, professional learning events, meetings, and any others may be uploaded to your EduTube™ site.

The ability to link documents and rubrics to individual videos as well as categories of videos is another valuable feature of this product. Single sign-on may be setup so that users may use existing logins to access the program. Because you may designate videos as private, public, and set user group restrictions, administrators may easily manage the process.

As more and more districts are adopting StaffTrac™, they are looking to use video capture of teaching and learning to create a process for maintaining inter-rater-reliability when using approved rubrics. APPR requirements and district negotiated agreements may require the ability to show that such a process has been adopted and in use. This cost-effective program also may be linked to other EVI software solutions.

  • The Only Secure Education-Specific Web-Based Video Management System
  • Wide Variety of Video Upload Formats
  • Unlimited Number of Attachments to Any Video Clip
  • Links to Any Student Information System (SIS)
  • Optionally Links to Other District Data Systems
  • Powerful User Accounts Management & Permissions Settings
  • Videos May be Assigned to Rubrics for Scoring & Reporting
  • Videos May be Categorized by Subject Area, Grade, Course, Section, or Individual
  • Allows Video Descriptions that are Searchable
  • Comprehensive Text Editor with Spell Check Included
  • SafeSchoolsNY™ Link for Discipline & Security Video Storage
  • StaffTrac™ Link for All APPR Videos & Materials
  • Directly add Videos as Evidence Within APPR Observations
  • DataMate™ Link for Access to Assessment Data
  • Optional EduView™ Analytic Tool
  • SSL Security and HIPAA Compliance
  • MS Windows and Apple OS Compatible
  • All Information Housed for 26 Years
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Fastest Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Guaranteed Implementation in 5 Days or Less!

Call for a free, no-obligation demonstration today! We may provide a WebEx meeting format or come to your district or school to present in-person. The demo takes between 60 and 90 minutes with plenty of time for Q and A. Also a price quote and implementation process guide may be requested.

Once you and your staff see the power and efficiency of the product you may require a proposal. If a purchase order is then generated, configuration and setup will begin.

For More Info, Contact:
Scott B. Crowder
Chief Executive Officer