What is DataMate™?            

DataMate™ is a web-based assessment management system. This system provides educators with a comprehensive system for analyzing assessment data in order to improve student achievement and instructional alignment. DataMate™ provides educators with question, standards, individual student, cohort, and whole class level analysis. We ensure that assessments, student enrollment and course/section data are the most current by linking to any student information system (SIS).

All assessments may be analyzed in DataMate™, including State, district, or teacher level pre and post assessments, interim, and summatives. Detailed reports on each assessment include:

  • Test item analysis: rigor, common core standard alignment, and reliability correlations
  • Student and cohort level analysis: miscue analysis, typology, and performance levels
  • School and district analysis: trends, gaps in performance, comparison by test items, performance level, and teacher effectiveness on each item

In conjunction with our Assessment Scoring Services, this provides a powerful suite of services. Our teams of test scoring professionals are available to assist schools on how to design high quality assessments and scoring analysis on high stake State assessments.

Why is DataMate™ Better?

“People today are in danger of drowning in information; but…..If they could handle information, they would not have to drown at all.”  -  Idries Shah

DataMate™ is the most effective and efficient way to view and use assessment data for improved instructional practices. By using the most critical assessment elements, it turns assessment data into real time analysis. This provides teachers, administrators, and students with multiple analyses of raw data so that student strengths and challenges are identified. Educators will be able to implement adaptive learning strategies specific to each student based on easily accessible reports for immediate results.

Detailed reports and analysis are a click away. With real time analysis, educators will be able to make accurate instructional shifts to meet new standards aligned with the Common Core standards. They can set instructional targets accurately because the analytics provide insight into what is and is not working at individual student, classroom, teacher, and district levels.

Our statisticians and doctoral level professionals will work with districts on in-depth projects to assist schools and districts to meet instructional goals. Our team will assist educators to use both historical and current data to establish real instructional and stretch goals. Growth and value added modeling support is available for districts moving to projections for student gains and teacher evaluations.

  • Web-based system accessible from any tablet, PC, laptop, or iPad with current browser.
  • Secure and confidential privacy assurances.
  • Manages all types of data including standardized State assessment, district developed or third-party assessments.
  • Re-rosters students to the current teacher of record.
  • Data can be displayed by district, school, or individual teacher section(s).
  • Shows the current teacher her students Strengths and challenges based on the Common Core Standards.
  • Allows for using questions with specific CCSS from past assessments to generate student worksheets.
  • Stores your test books, answer sheets, scoring matrix, and other testing materials.
  • Generates pre-slugged answer sheets for paper-based testing.
  • Full Online testing process that lets students use their test taking skills!
  • Drill-down on reports makes analysis of test data easy.
  • Breaks down performance levels, and allows you to get lists of students for interventions.
  • Student electronic portfolio.
  • Stores data over multiple years.
  • Syncs with all student information systems (SIS).
  • Allows districts to securely upload huge data files.
  • Links to StaffTrac™ and Curriculum Developer™.
  • Imports all student photos.
  • District maintains ownership of all data, reports export to Excel and/or PDF files.
  • Program is housed in a secure data center.
  • Your data is yours! No selling of data to any third party.
  • Customizable reports to specific school and district needs.

Educational Vistas is committed to ensuring that the set up and implementation of DataMate™ is very low impact. We have developed unique sync and form building tools that will assist us in connecting to your data-regardless of the data source. So first:

Contact Bill Bouchard for a WebEx to explore the comprehensiveness of DataMate™ and discuss no impact implementation.

For More Info, Contact:


Bill D. Bouchard

V.P., Solutions Architect

Contact Bill directly at 518.805.1105